Sunday 20 May 2018


At the beginning of 2017 online gambling market was evaluated at $44.16 billion, by the end of the same year it grew to $47.4 billion. Estimated market capacity in 2018 is $52 billion and it’s expected to reach $81.7 billion by 2022.It is obvious that the market has an immense potential. The problem, however, is that the rules of the gambling business have remained unchanged for centuries. No doubt, casinos and other providers constantly try to attract new clients with new gimmicks: rewards,bonuses, prizes, beautiful images, etc. Technologies change as well: from simple wooden tables and slot machines, to online games, and newest block-chain technology.
In reality, it does not matter what technology is used or what gimmicks are used to attract gamers to the casino. The core of it is still the same and quite simple: no matter what the clients do, the casino gets everything. Those who don’t gamble themselves take everything from those who are passionate and like a good game. They take everything and get excess profit. Also, based on our surveys, casino customers are very venturous people who are constantly looking for action and novelty. They get bored very quickly, and have to move from one casino to another in continuous search for some diversity.
It is time to change the game rules in the Gambling Universe.
By creating a platform that will implement all of the above mentioned principals. Our goal is to create a “White Label” platform that could be bought by other operators and easily adapted to their needs. So, in a few years most of the traditional casinos in the world will be extinct, regardless of the technology they are based on. Just imagine, if there is a choice, who would want to play in a regular casino that does not offer a possibility to become a part of it?And what’s in it for investors, besides being a part of creation of the most innovative gambling platform in the world?
•Increasing market demand for the tokens they’ve purchased. Our tokens are a kind of fuel for the system. Each token transaction within the platform will “burn”0.5% of the transaction amount. This way we ensure a constant reduction in the number of tokens circulating in the market. Consequently, the demand for tokens will constantly grow.
•Any holder of our tokens (not only active players) can participate in the jackpot drawings. These drawings will be held: daily, weekly and monthly. 70% of the tokens collected by the platform will go to the jackpot fund.Gambling Universe will never be the same after our platform is introduced to the market.
This document describes main features of our project and explains how we integrate blockchain technology
We are creating an online gambling platform where absolutely all the games will be hosted and controlled by the users of the platform. The platform is created as a “white label”, so we can sell it to other operators. This, in turn, will allow us to share the concept around the world in a short time and make it an industry standard.
Also, the platform has an open API (application programming interface). This will make it possible to add games created by third-party developers. This way the library of games on the platform can be constantly replenished and expanded with minimum time and money invested
How it works
Token is created by ERC-20 standard and used within the platform for:
  • users payments for services within the platform
  • transactions between the platform users
  • payments to the third-party game developers
  • payments from the operators
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