Friday, 18 May 2018


Investa is preparing to make multiple blockchains more useful in the real world, by securely integrating cryptocurrencies into everyday consumer spending habits. Investa’s main ambition is to seamlessly connect the brave new world of blockchain with the existing financial payment systems. With this purpose, Investa created an efficient debit card & ATM network for crypto owners to effectively spend their blockchain assets in real-world, making their wallet accepted by the banking industry currently in place.

Token Details
• Token Standard : ERC-223
• Symbol : INV
• Max Coin Supply : 50.000.000
• SOFT CAP : 1.000.000
• HARD CAP : 30.000.000
• Base Rate : 1 ETH = 2,158 INV
50,000,000 INV Tokens are made for the undertaking in which 40% is saved for the ICO. The token presale will begin from first may 2018 and proceed until 30th June 2018. 43% of the assets gathered will be used with the end goal of innovative work of the platform while 10% of the assets will be utilized for the showcasing. The group has involvement in the fields of blockchain innovation and keeping money.
Token Distribution
INV token is an ERC-223 compliant Ethereum-based smartcontract token. The token will be issued by Investa following the completion of the public token sale. Token holders will be able to use INV within the Investa platform as a means of payment for all of the services on Investa apps, and subscribe to Investa’s crypto basket, which will take allocations of tokens from other ICO pre — sales , under supervision of verified INV managers. INV holders can also place their tokens into programs such as Enterprise and Launchpad, for lending to small businesses and other approved borrowers.
INV tokens can also be used as a means of payment for Investa’s forthcoming events, such as the annual crypto summit, INV roadshow, or the mindshare forum. Lastly, INV can be used for loading the planned Investa prepaid debit card with funds that can be spent as FIAT currency at any merchant in the Union Pay network.
To support the development of the platform and ensure a seamless rollout throughout 2018, Investa will hold a public Token Sale of their native, ERC223 — based INV tokens. During the Token Sale, 30,000,000 INV will be made available for purchase, from a total supply of 50,000,000. The token sale seeks to distribute at least 1,000,000, to meet the soft cap.
The Pre-Sale round will begin on May 1st 2018, wherein participants can pick up INV at a rate of 1USD = 2.5 INV, with discounts ranging from 60% to 30%. 10,000,000 INV will be available at this stage. Access to the presale will be limited to whitelist members, with limited allocations of tokens available per subscriber to avoid concentration. After the Pre-Sale, the discounts available will range from 20% to 5%, and the remaining 20,000,000 will be made available for acquisition during the main ICO sale.
At INVESTA our vision is of a future where Blockchain technology will provide Advancement and well being through technology.
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