Tuesday, 22 May 2018


BOUNTY PROGRAM worth $250000
Under Phase - I (Initial Investors)
1. The bounty will run until the end of the ICO or until the tokens will be sold out
2. We have the right to change the rules of the campaign for the benefit of everyone
3. We have the right to disqualify the participants if he/she will be found cheating
4. Allow us two weeks for verification/calculations and distribution of your stakes in the end of the bounty campaign
5. Multiple entries are strictly prohibited, if found you'll be automatically banned from the campaign
Structure for bounty distribution
  • Signature Campaign (30%)
  • Blog/Media Campaign (15%)
  • Social Media Campaign (30%)
  • Other Campaigns (TBA) (25%)
• Stakes will be finalized at the end of the Bounty Program.
• The Bounty Program will run until the end of the token sale
• We reserve the right to disqualify your entries from any campaigns if:
  1. You are not practicing honest conduct or spamming forums.
  2. We might need to refuse you from participating in any of our Bounty Campaigns regardless of reason.
  3. You must take action reaching the Bounty Manager for any issues within bounty week or we will not take
fault for stakes lost.
  4. Your entry does not meet the minimum requirements for that bounty week, you will not receive any stake
 in that current week. But you still have a chance to participate in the next bounty week
  5. Spamming, cheating and having many accounts are strictly forbidden. We will completely remove you from
 all and any campaigns if found responsible under our management.
All New Bounty Applicants Kindly post in comments your ETH Address and Shared Social links
Submit your claims in comments per week seperately after registration. use format:
ETH Address :
Facebook Campaign
FB UserName:
Friends :
1. link url
2. link url
3. link url
Twitter Campaign
TW userName:
Followers :
1. link url
2. link url
3. link url
all stakes will be calculated on week basis.
WEEK-1 - 10 MAY - 17 MAY (Complete)
WEEK-2 - 18 MAY - 25 MAY (Active)
Facebook Campaign 15%
On Repost = 2 stakes
Registration for Facebook bounty : Registration here
1. You must like and follow our facebook page
2. You must have at least 200 real friends to be approved
3. For more than 1000 friends you will receive 50% additional stakes
4. You are allowed to repost a maximum of 2 repost per day.
5. Minimum repost per week to receive stakes is 4. And maximum repost per week is 10
6. One account per person is allowed and all post/repost should be public to be rewarded
We reserve the right to invalidate any of your entries even without mentioning reasons.
Twitter Campaign 15%
One Retweet = 2 stakes
Registration for twiter bounty : Registration here
1. You must follow our Twitter page
2. You must have at least 200 real followers to be approved
3. For more than 1000 followers you will receive 50% additional stakes
4. You are allowed to retweet a maximum of 2 retweet per day.
5. Minimum retweet per week to receive stakes is 4. And maximum retweet per week is 10
6. One account per person is allowed and retweeting old post is prohibited
(If there are no new tweets, you can tweet about the project)
Submit your entries here: submit details
Stakes will base to its quality.
* High Quality = 50 stakes
* Good Quality = 30 stakes
* Normal Quality = 15 stakes
1. Blog should have atleast 200 words and topics should be relevant "bitseries ICO/Initial investment opportunity" to be approved .
2. The content of the blog should be unique/original to be approved .
3. Posting in wrong section, deleted post by mods and spamming is strictly prohibited and will not be accepted .
4. Each participant is allowed to create/submit a maximum of 10 unique publications.
5. Reposting a unique publications to another platform will earn you additional 50% stakes. (Only 1 repost is allowed).
6. Videos should be relevant and related to bitseries ICO (Team, whitepaper, token sale, roadmap and etc.**) to be approved
7. We have the right to not accept and disqualified your submission without prior reason.
**details will be available soon, before commencing Pre-ICO sale.
Professional Developers (Articles and Videos )are welcome.. you may contact Bounty Manager.
Registration here: signature registration
1. Bounty Hunters must be atleast ranked as Jr. Member in order to wear our signature.
2. Bounty Hunters must report every first day of the week to be counted for the whole bounty week.
Those who report at the middle of the week will only be counted for the days they are wearing the
signature with the valid postings.
3. Bounty Hunters who will be caught not wearing the signature in the bounty week they participate
 will be disqualified for the whole bounty week.
4. Bounty Hunters must at least make 05 posts every bounty week wearing our signature or else their
 entry for that bounty week would be disqualified.
5. Posting in the following sections (AND ALL OF THEIR SUB/CHILD BOARDS) will not be eligible for the bounty.
 These sections are: Marketplace; Off Topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins)
6. Poor quality posts such as “Hello”,”Good Luck”, “This project rules”, and other inadequate posts will not be
considered as an entry for the bounty.
7. The Bounty Hunter must contain a minimum of 100 characters in their post to make a valid entry.
8. Bounty Hunters with red trust scores cannot participate in our bounty.
9. Having multiple accounts is not allowed and will be restricted to participate in all of our campaigns.
10. If you're leaving us for another campaign, please PM the Bounty Manager. Otherwise, all of your entries will be forfeited.
   Junior Members : 35 Stake per week
   Members :     40 Stake per week
   Full Members :  45 Stake per week
   Senior Members : 50 Stake per week
   Hero Member:   55 Stake per week
   Legendary/Hero: 60 Stake per week
July, 2017
Project Research
Research on Possibilities and Demands, first blue print draft and execution
November, 2017
First step towards bitseries, Selected Network and Registrations
June, 2018
Initial Fund bonus sale
Expanding the roles and duties, Initial Funds to expand functional areas
August, 2018
Much discounted phase to boost Interest
September, 2018
Pre-sale-II After completion of limited phase-I
October, 2018
ICO crowdsale
Crowdsale for Initial Coin Offerings to Public.
Feb, 2019
API Releases
Release of Bitseries Tokens
June, 2019
Web version Release
Release of Offical Bitseries Platform web Version
August, 2019
Mobile Accessibility
Smooth Accessible in Andriod/Apple Platforms
Platform Refinements & Expansion
Platform Refinements and Goal towards Epansion
Project Investors whitelist Period: June 01st, 2018 – Till Cap Reached
Pre-Sale Period: Aug 15th, 2018 – Sep 30th, 2018
Crowd sale Period: Oct 15th, 2018 – Dec 31th, 2018
Soft Cap: $10.0 million USD
Hard Cap: $75.0 million USD
Maximum Token Supply: 1.5 Billion Bitseries Tokens
25% for Global Exchanges tie-ups
47% Crowdfunding Token Sale
15% Internal Use (Social Ecosystem/legal)
10% Establishment/Team/building
3% for Bounty/Adverts
Website: https://www.bitseries.network/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bitseries-202654243675447/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imbitseries
Bounty thread:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3715705.0
Bitcointalk profile link:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1930778

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