Sunday 20 May 2018

MoviesChain by TVzavr

I wrote articles about more than 150 ICOs in last six months and spent hundreds of hours reading and thinking about them. I must say that I am impressed with everything about MOVIESCHAIN project, from their website, promotion video, idea, already established business, a ton of documents and papers with use cases and business plans for the future and of course people behind this project. This is how you prepare a project for ICO and present it to the public and potential investors, and all future ICOs could learn from MOVIESCHAIN. Big respect from me 
MoviesChain by TVzavr is a revolution in the distribution of independent films, decentralizing and disintermediating the global independent film distribution industry with unsurpassed efficiency, transparency and global scalability.

Token Sales
Token sales will take place in 5 stages. During the first stage, only whitelist members can get tokens. It is possible to whitelist by submitting personal data on the site.
The third member of the whitelist will receive a 25% bonus. The remaining whitelist members receive a 20% bonus.
The second stage has a 15% free tokens bonus.
The third stage has a 10% bonus of free tokens.
The fourth stage has a 5% bonus of free tokens
The fifth stage has a 3% free tokens bonus.
Bonus of up to 10% will be awarded for the number of tokens purchased:
10.000-50,000 ZVR - + 3% free tokens
50.000-150.000 ZVR - + 5% free tokens
150.000-350.000 ZVR - + 7% free tokens
Over 350,000 ZVR - + 10% of free tokens
Token sales terms and conditions will be clarified more closely with the Token sale launch.
Token Distribution
100 million tokens will be issued
70% will be distributed during the initial sale
5% will remain in the reserve fund in case it is not possible to buy tokens in the secondary market for the reward program
2% will be opted out for reward campaigns
23% will be transferred to the initial investment team
All allocations will be changed proportionally, keeping the same allocation percentage for initial sales, reserve funds, bounty campaigns, and team allocations, if less than 70 million tokens are sold during initial sales.
Distribution of funds received from original token release:
IT-20% Development
Operational Cost-20%
Legal Support-5%
Board of Directors and Advisory Board-5%
Important Information ZVR Token
ZVR will be launched from April 16 on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of tokens ERC20. 100 million ZVR will be issued in total, distributing 70 million ZVR during the initial offer.
The sale of ZVR tokens will last for three months. The minimum investment required (softcap) will be $ 5 million and the maximum (hardcap) will be $ 30 million. The price of the tokens will be determined when the offer begins. During the first stage, only participants on the white list who have registered at can buy chips. The first third of the participants in the first stage will receive a bonus of 25%. The remaining participants of the first stage will receive a bonus of 20%.
Roadmap & Team
And this is the row of the MoviesChain team:

For more information please visit:
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=1930778

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