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MPCX PlatFrequently form’s Asked Questions — FAQ

1. What is MPCX?

MPCX is a digital blockchain driven financial services platform. Our long term aim is to aggregate all crypto financial services into one place. MPCX is designed to service entities’ and individual’s needs in the areas of digital wealth management, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, digital banking, crypto research and ICO promotion, and crypto lending.
At MPCX we apply a holistic approach. Once all digital asset services have been established, we will expand our platform to include traditional asset classes.
We have decided to begin with Digital Crypto Wealth Management Platform to manage portfolios of crypto assets of innovative investors.

2. Why can I trust to MPCX?

MPCX’s team consists of experienced people in finance, wealth management, Fintech and Technology. The MPCX team has a significant competitive advantage, our team together has over 45 years of experience.
We are based in London. Our team includes members of some of the most highly respected and recognizable investment societies around the globe such as the CFA Institute, and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.
Two of our Senior team members were selected by the UK Government as technology advisors to the UK government’s All Party Parliamentary Group on blockchain and as the first technology fellow of the UK Cabinet.
If you wish to find out more about our members, please feel free to check out our LinkedIn profiles.

3. What is POG and what are advantages of investing in XDMC tokens?

At MPCX we will build a trustworthy digital crypto wealth management platform managed by XDMC Token holders. We believe that crowd wisdom is a part of a new reality where each individual can contribute to the mutual wellbeing of a community and be rewarded for their contribution fairly.
Many economists and researchers have observed that the so called generations “Gen X” and “Millennials” are increasingly interested in crowd-based solutions and using them in their lives.
For this reasons, the central philosophy of our platform is the Proof of Governance (POG) which means that each XDMC token holder will be able to vote, participate in referenda and be rewarded for the impact. According to the referenda we will decide how to develop MPCX.
In addition, the XDMC token will provide holders with a functional tool to use on the MPCX Platform. XDMC Tokens will be used to pay for the services inside the platform. Once the XDMC Tokens become liquid and popular, they will be used as the internal currency for our banking services.
In addition to returns derived from the appreciation of the tokens due to popularization and increasing number of MPCX users, we propose to reward our community on a regular basis by allocating 50% of the platform’s returns to a systematic buyback program of XDMC Tokens directly from holders and crypto exchanges.

4. What are MPCX’s development plans?

We have very ambitious plans and we will build our platform in three stages:
1st Stage — digital crypto wealth management platform
2nd Stage — cryptocurrency exchange and trading
3rd Stage — digital banking and regulated wealth management platform
During the first stage of MPCX’s development we will create a blockchain driven decentralized ecosystem to manage innovative investors’ portfolios of crypto assets.
Innovative investors are entrepreneurial people who live in the crypto world. They pay rent, get paid income, buy goods in stores and count their digital fortune in terms of ETH, BTC or other cryptocurrencies.
For innovative investors we are going to offer transparent and high quality Digital Wealth Management services through the range of our unique products:
Crypto investable indices,
Digital smart investment mandate,
Artificial Intelligence crypto fund and
A high quality ICO research

5. How many ICO Rounds do you plan to have?

As we mentioned before, MPCX’s plans are very ambitious and we are planning to fund all our development stages through Pre ICO round (07.05.2018 -17.06.2018) and 3 ICO rounds:
  • 1st ICO round — mid July 2018
  • 2nd ICO round — December 2018
  • 3rd ICO round — December 2019

6. What are the first stage’s unique products?

During the first stage of the MPCX Platform development we will offer the following unique in-house created products:
First unique product: three Crypto Investable Indices:
1. Crypto Large Cap Index (CLT) index holds the top ten coins by market capitalization, with a maximum weight of 20% per coin to maintain sufficient diversification.
2. Mid Cap Index (M20T) index holds the next top twenty coins by market capitalization, after the top 10, with a maximum weight of 10% per coin to maintain sufficient diversification.
3. Smart Beta Factor Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI). The SBCI index is a smart beta factor exposure Crypto Index will consist of 200 coins with a maximum allocation of 5 % per coin and driven by AI algorithm.
Second unique product is Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM) — our in-house created product. It is a smart contract and AI driven roboadvisory computer protocol. The protocol processes all of a client’s information and creates appropriate digital investment strategy in the context of the client’s overall digital financial plan.
In addition, DSIM is not only a strategic guide to digital wealth planning, but also it implements this plan according the code offering model to design crypto portfolios based on investment risk tolerance, investment objectives, horizon, liquidity needs, and unique overall wealth creation aims.
DSIM will help a client, very much to follow their objective course of action during periods of market disruptions and panic to prevent against emotional and instinctive responses that can lead to less prudent actions.
However, our user friendly client platform allows a client to choose between automatic or manual execution and portfolio rebalancing.

7. What services will be available at the end of the 3rd stage of MPCX’s development?

The platform will make all the following crypto services available in one place:
- Fully digital client onboarding to reduce costs and provide clients’ with a user-friendly service.
- Digital cryptocurrency exchange for the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.
- Crypto payments, transactions and banking solutions.
- Custody and wallet solutions to provide secure safekeeping of client funds.
- Three crypto investable indices, a crypto AI fund, crypto ETNs, and ICOs.
- MPCX Trading Solutions will offer full access to the product platform, arbitrage system, a trading terminal and reporting.
- A digital wealth management platform will offer roboadvisory through its “Digital Smart Investment Mandate” which will deliver automatic portfolio rebalancing, crypto lending strategies and reporting.
  • MPCX’s ICO promotion and research platform, will offer the two levels of access to ICOs with full industry coverage.
  • MPCX’s crypto lending platform which include borrower scoring and will match loans with lenders’ potential.

8. What is the XDMC Pre-ICO price and what is your forecasted ICO price?

We appreciate early investors, who share our ideas and decide to back us during our Pre ICO round. To reward then fairly for the support, we have decided to set special pre-ICO XDMC Token price 31 000 XDMC Tokens per 1 ETH, which represents a more than 20x return opportunity over the next 4 years according to our forecasts.
As we mentioned before we would like to provide the best return opportunities to the early Pre-ICO supporters. We expect a much higher 1st ICO round price in July 2018, based on our forecasts and progress in the platform development of around 10 000–15 000 XDMC per ETH.

9. What are you planning to do with unsold XDMC tokens?

The portion of XDMC Tokens from the token generating event that will not be distributed during all of the ICO rounds will be allocated to ICO participants on pro rata basis after each round. To participate in the Token allocation, you simply need to hold all XDMC Tokens bought during ICO.

10. MVP and Beta platform release plans.

Currently we are working very closely with our technical team and to figure out details of the product’s technical development. This process is currently in the final stage and we have a clear understanding of the development’s details in terms of necessary resources, timing and complexity.
We are planning to start the MVP’s technical implementation very soon and release our MVP before the first ICO Round in July 2018. This should increase level of trust among our community.
The platforms beta version release is scheduled for 8 months after the MVPrelease.

11. Why are the XDMC Pre-ICO tokens Waves based and when the ICO token will be based on ERC-20?

During the Pre-ICO round (07.05.2018–17.06.2018) XDMC tokens are available for trading on the Waves Decentralized Exchange and based on the Waves blockchain protocol. We have decided to issue the Pre-ICO XDMCtokens on Waves to have an exchange traded token from day one of the Pre-ICO.
All Waves based tokens will be replaced at a 1:1 Ratio before the 1st ICO round into the Ethereum based XDMC Token.

12. How can I exchange my Waves based XDMC token to the ERC — 20 based version and what happens if I would like to keep the Waves based version?

Before the 1st ICO round we will introduce a technical solution for how to exchange the XDMC Waves based token for the ERC-20 based token. It will be very simple, all XDMC Token holders will send us Waves based tokens and simultaneously get given ERC-20 XDMC Token. All Waves based XDMCexchanged for ERC-20 tokens will be burnt. It means that the overall supply will still the same.
All Waves based XDMC token holders who prefer to keep their Waves based tokens still have the same rights as the ERC-20 based XDMC holders and tokens will stay listed on the Waves DEX.

13. When will XDMC be listed on the other Exchanges apart from Waves DEX?

We are planning to list a new ERC — 20 based XDMC tokens on 3–4 exchanges shortly after the 1st ICO round starts.

14. How can I buy XDMC tokens?

During the Pre-ICO period (07.05.18–17.06.2018) XDMC Tokens can be bought directly on our website or on the Waves DEX. To learn more please follow instructions in our manuals here:

15. When will XDMC tokens be distributed after the purchase?

All purchased XDMC Tokens are distributed the same day if you buy on our website here: and instantly if you buy on the Waves DEX.

16. How can I find more information about the XDMC Waves based token?

You can find more information using the Waves explorer here:
We are happy to inform the community that on May 12th 2018 after the first 5 days of trading XDMC Market Cap was about $ 4m. The most active market is XDMC / Waves, however, you can also buy and sell XDMC Tokens in ETH, LTC, Zcash and BTC.

17. Where can I read MPCX’s white paper?

MPCX’s Whitepaper is available for reading here:

18. What is the XDMC token supply? How will it be distributed among ICO rounds?

MPCX’s Platform is managed by MPCX Platform Limited, a company registered in England and Wales under the registered number 11188379

20. Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

Teams and conditions are available here:
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