Friday 18 May 2018


After the big Crypto-Boom in 2017, the amount of ICO and Token Sales has surged exponentially. According to, there are literally thousands of ICO’s and Tokens out there. Knowing which ICO or Token to invest in could potentially be a huge headache for many uninformed investors. Understanding which ICO’s would potentially grow into sustainable companies and which ICO’s would be worth investing is crucial to the investor’s return on investment (ROI).
Many ICO investors neglect to see an ICO as an IPO. An ICO “Initial Coin Offering” and an IPO, “Initial Public Offering”, is similar in many ways. When a company goes public with an IPO, before you invest, you would research the company. You would look at the stakeholders (Founders), the company’s assets, its market share, growth potential and much more. It seems like most people forget that when looking at ICO’s, they are blinded by the whole “Get Rich Quick” trend, and thus they ignorantly invest in ICO-Traps.
ICO Investors should consider the following:
  • How capable is the team, who are they?
  • What is the ICO about?
  • How does the Ecosystem work?
  • How will the coin be utilized?
  • How would funds be distributed?
  • How are the tokens being allocated?
  • How in depth is the Roadmap?
  • How does the Referral or Bounty Program work?
  • How strong is the Community?
  • How secure is the system? (Internet Security)
NOTE:Of course, there are more to look for in an ICO before even considering investing, but exploring these 10 points will most definitely protect you from most scrap ICO’s out there.Another way to know a good ICO is their prompt and quick 24/7 readiness for any issue,which is one of the major benefits of Impressio after studying their whitepaper,a good example was when i detected someone(SCAM)using my work in the Impressio media campaign spreadsheet the scammer was on number 1179,1182,1183,1184 on the spreadsheet i reported via their objections form and the issue was resolved immediately,that shows Impressio is a good project and that is why am doing this again for them.
Impressio Estate, Ltd, is a UK-based cryptocurrency investment platform for users worldwide to invest and grow their money, whether it is deposited all at once or incrementally.We offer unique investment plans for investors of all kinds. There are many people that do not know how to begin investing in cryptocurrency, or simply do not have the time and/or energy to do so. Impressio handles all of these needs for them, and goes above and beyond for their investors.
In a recent Forbes article, a survey by Blockchain Capital pointed out that 30% of those aged 18-34 would rather invest $1000 into bitcoin or cryptocurrency rather than government bonds or stocks. If one takes these growing numbers in conjunction with the money that has been flowing into the cryptocurrency markets over the past few years, and bound to enter the markets in 2018 and beyond-it is clear that a pivotal shift is occurring. Every once in a while,there are paradigm shifts, and we are on the brink of one.Impressio currently is focused on investing opportunities, but is proud to enter the lending sector in 2019. There is truly some untapped potential when it comes to the efficiency and transparency of blockchain, and Impressio hopes to maximize the opportunities in both the investment and lending sectors. This allows Impressio to be in a unique position to benefit from both investing and lending.In early 2017, Josh Price and Evan White had come up with the idea for an ICO project for private investors. As time progressed, they realized that perhaps there was an opportunity for the public to participate in, as well. The private investors provided a way for more investors to participate in the profits by investing, as Impressio was in a position to earn money through commissions.
• Participation in leading Investment/Lending project
• Stable profit accruals based on investment program with the possibility of daily/hourly withdrawals
• Fast deposit transfer and instant processing of all withdrawal requests
• Comprehensive approach to the development of programs to encourage active users
• 24/7 support and a quick solution to any questions that you may encounter
• A unique code which is adaptable to any online platform with a high degree of protection
• Use of automatic payment processing - API - with low commission
• The ability to make mutual settlements in any liquid cryptocurrency or Impressio tokens
• Constant support and updating of the software by experienced developers
• High rates of partner reward for local and international Impressio promotion
• Close and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Impressio development team
• Guaranteed compensation for identifying software bugs and looking for solutions
• The possibility of professional growth and obtaining required skills in the field of web development
Impressio is confident that the cryptocurrency market will see a tremendous amount of growth in the coming years. The human race is always quick to adopt technology that makes life easier and more efficient, and blockchain shows us how money can be transferred in a new revolutionary way. This is obviously one of the main reasons behind bitcoin’s meteoric rise over the past few years, which is exponential, especially considering how it compares to stock exchanges across the world. This has created a massive amount of new wealth, not to mention drawn tremendous interest worldwide to the potential of cryptocurrencies, and the various sectors that they could aid in.
This is just the beginning of a remarkable journey for Impressio. Although the private sale is finished for early investors who were able to see the ground-floor opportunity and the potential involved-the current website allows multiple investment plans for anyone to contribute. It should be noted that the public sale of the rest of the tokens will occur in 2019,with the lending platform following shortly afterwards.
The beauty of Impressio is that it is diversified. Of course, it is an obvious choice formthose who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency without the time or energy to commit to the market constantly. However, the private investors involved with the company add a new additional layer of leverage that makes the company uniquely positioned to maneuver throughout the coming years. The token sale will lead to more revenue,and of course, the lending platform will allow for a whole new source of revenue, and attract a whole new demographic of interested parties.
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