Tuesday 22 May 2018


Hello Everyone,its another week again o Grabameal Tokensale.To participate simply follow the below simple steps

So here it is!
Step 1: Buying Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin/DASH
The first step, if you haven’t already done so, is to acquire the cryptocurrency(BTC or ETH or LTC or DASH) so you can participate in the GAM tokensale.
The easiest way to do so is to use an exchange such as Coinbase, or whatever exchange is the most popular in your country.
You can view a list of the most popular exchanges here. If you have trouble finding an exchange that allows you to buy Ethereum/Litecoin/DASH with fiat currency, you can always buy Bitcoin, and then exchange the Bitcoin for ETH/LTC/DASH on any cryptocurrency exchange.
Step 2: Setting Up a Personal Ethereum Account
We highly recommend using myetherwallet.com to create your own Ethereum wallet.
Make sure you write down your private key, and save your passphrase.
Once you’ve created your wallet, you can then withdrawal the Ethereum you have at your exchange, and send it to your myetherwallet by taking the address of your wallet and pasting it into the “send address” on your exchange.
You can use other wallets on the market, but we prefer myetherwallet because it is the simplest wallet in terms of allowing you physically see your GAM or GrabAMeal token balance in your account.
Step 3: Do your Due Attentiveness
Make sure you properly backup your wallet’s passphrase and keystore file, so if you accidentally delete it, you have a second copy.
If you forget to do this, and accidentally delete the file or your computer crashes, you likely will never recover your account.
Now that your wallet is ready to go, make sure you read our White Paper, and learn as much about Grabameal as you can.
You can join your Telegram Channel and talk to the team and ask as many questions as you’d like.
We’re always around to help and simplify any questions you have..
We have a very honest and open line of communication, even our CEO is readily available to chat!
Step 4: Ready to Participate
If you come to the decision that you would like to participate in our project, it’s a super simple process!
a. Visit https://www.grabameal.world/tokensale/
b. At the right hand side you can see one button called signup
c. Fill the details of the signup page.
d. One Confirmation mail will be send to your mail address, click on the confirmation link and login to the tokensale site.
e. One GAM exchanger (calculator) is given, here you can calculate the amount of USD you have to spend for certain number of GAM tokens.
f. Choose the comfortable payment method listed just below the calculator
You can choose among BTC/LTC/ETH/DASH
g. Click on the crypto button and it will fetch the amount of GAM you want to buy automatically from the calculator. Then the payment confirmation view will be shown. Depending on the bonus structure, some bonus tokens will added to your purchase.
h. Click on proceed to pay button, it will redirect to Transaction Receipt page.
Here you can see the payment address along with the amount to pay.
Send the EXACT amount to the designated address within the time frame mentioned in the receipt.
Note down the transaction receipt id for future reference.
i. Payment tab is present at the top of the page to see the transaction receipt again in future.
Step 5: Viewing your GAM Tokens
GAM tokens can be viewed at the Dashboard of the profile
After the ICO the GAM tokens will be distributed.
At that time open myetherwallet.com, you will need to add the GAM token to the list of tokens your wallet is designated to display. (Post ICO)
Nevertheless if you do this step, your GAM tokens will always be in your wallet, the wallet is just not designed to look for them and show them in the user interface until you instruct it to. In your myetherwallet click “Add Custom Token” on the right side and enter in these exact details (they are the same for everyone, not distinct to your personal wallet)
Address: 0xda9804e8c009621f3d93bd6c023e3f169e1dccae
Decimals: 10
Symbol: GAM
Step 6: Join in Our Community!
Now that you have invested in Grabameal, you’re legitimately part of our growing community. We have traders and investors from across the globe, and a team striving to bring you first, and best peer to peer meal sharing platform for cryptocurrency on the market. We value our community very much, which is why the platform will have plenty of functionality for chat, messaging and forum topics where everyone can share ideas, tips and tricks and grow as an investor and a trader.
For more news and updates please visit:
website: https://grabameal.world/ico/ or
Bitcointalk profile URL:https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1930778

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