Sunday 20 May 2018


Blockchain technology is providing new solutions for many of the new issues that have arisen as a result of the digital age that is upon us. Users these days are demanding safe and secure services when it comes to their data. This is something that blockchain can help with and work to bring trust back to users.
Blockchain changes how data is both accessed and stored. Data is kept on a shared database, but since this database in immutable, hackers can’t mess it up. Major companies are either already using blockchain or experimenting with it, all in an attempt to make things run efficiently and secure the trust of their users.
There are three types of blockchain: public, private, and consortium.
Public blockchains offer the best transparency but often are more expensive to operate. Private blockchains are often used by private companies as they are able to limit access and decide who is able to contribute additional information to the chain. Consortium blockchains run under the auspices of several businesses.
The growing Internet of Things (IoT) is making blockchain all the more needed. What we see now are more and more devices that are using the Internet to serve people. Whether it’s a smartphone, Smart TV, or even a refrigerator, the Internet is just about everywhere these days and security guarantees are needed like never before.
Ads and targeting data have created new problems for trust between consumers and the services they use. Blockchain has the potential to change all of this and it is something that companies are aware of and ready to utilize.
IDM offers blockchain-based cloud storage solutions. Keeping data safe with post-quantum protection provided by SIZE technology is what this platform is all about.

About the Bounty Program
This bounty campaign will conclude after the ICO finishes. When the ICO is over, tokens will be sent to all participants on specified Ethereum (ETH) wallets.
Bounty Budget: 2% of all released tokens will be allocated to the bounty program.
25% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Social Media Bounty (Facebook and Twitter).
35% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Blog Article & Videos Bounty.
25% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Signature Bounty.
5% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Telegram Logo and Tittle Bounty.
10% of tokens from the budget are allocated to Translation Bounty and other.
Everyone who completes an application before 25 May will receive a 20% bonus to their shares/tokens.
General terms
• This bounty campaign will be managed by Groc
• You must join our official Telegram group ( and write your Telegram username in this thread in order to qualify for a reward.
• The number of friends/subscribers and ranks are fixed at the time of application.
• Bounty participation rewards will be updated every Monday.
• Use of multiple accounts, fraud, and spamming is prohibited. If these violations are detected, accounts will be removed from all campaigns.
• We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without explanation.
• If you are removed from a campaign, your shares will be burned out.
• You must write about your participation in the company's bounty on this thread and include your Telegram username.

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