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TradePlayZ is a platform that focuses on providing mobile trading and investment applications, using blockchain as its development base. TradePlayZ has a name called Zed, which can be used as a transaction tool between users or traded online through exchanges that work directly with TradePlayZ or provided by TradePlayZ. TradePlayZ will bring users to a platform that will provide fun games as well as an honest and fair investment program.
With that in mind, we combine it with blockchain technology, where all competitions are played by real people.
Therefore, players create an interesting and truly interesting personality of our products. TradePlayz is the world’s premiere platform for fantasy trading and investment that enables you to earn money and rewards based on true value, with your own mind, just by playing games, learning the market, teaching yourself through your experience and trading actively. Therefore,
we actively encourage and assist our users to enrich their lives mentally, and literally.


For each member of the crowdsale, a personal wallet will be made, the address to be
used to register tokens.
• The personal key of the wallet will be sent in automatically generated letters in the PDF file.
• Tokens can be purchased for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereal (ETH), fiat payments and more
• Users can transfer the wallet to an easy-to-use service with standalone ETH ERC20 support.
• All information about the transfer will be stored in Blockchain account and user
• All tokens will be stored in personal wallets produced on the site and can be sent to a personal wallet after the end of the ICO.


Zed tokens are issued for internal (entrance fee) and external (awards, withdrawals). Payments on the TradePlayz platform, Zed tokens are highly integrated into the system, to ensure maximum trade flow as a rule.
As the number of users in the system increases, the value of cryptococcus increases.
It is worth mentioning that the price of the platform is adaptive, if the value of the token
up, the amount of platform cost decreases in the nominal value of the Zed token, and is calculated
according to the current token exchange rate.
Platforms do not take part in the purchase or sale of tokens, which allow this activity to users based on platform funds to grow actively through fee collection, but these tokens may not be sold on the exchange.
Their future goals will be determined when analyzing project development during the first years of operation. In the case of lucrative business activity, tokens can be used to refine and improve further platform development.


Over the past year, teams at TradePlayz have built platforms where gaming /
trading services will be launched. The next stage in our development will be release
beta versions of apps that can be played publicly.
100 million Zed Tokens has been created to support user requests. This will
issued after the crowdsale concluded on April 15, 2018. Variable discounts will be available during various stages of the sale of the crowd (see table below)



Words alone cannot overemphasize this project,join this incredible revolution

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