Friday, 16 March 2018


 A new paradigm is born.

"Likes", “votes", and "views" limit  the output of expressing appreciation, which wastes an unprecedented monetization opportunity for the countless users driving social media with all their wit,  creativity, and energy. But tips are boundless, because of the diversity of human sentiments and emotions.

Tipper not only makes earning on any given post the norm, but now there’s no limit to what you can earn on that post, opening a Pandora's box of unprecedented monetization opportunity, and giving viral a whole new meaning. Tipper is creating a world where a post could pay for your coffee or make you a millionaire. Tipper is the ultimate patronage “econosystem” that pays both ways and thus incentivizes 'tipping'. The more a user stimulates the social economy by tipping other users, the more opportunities they gain to earn.

Tine spent online is more than just a past time now its a fundamental way of life that occupies a significant portion of peoples lifves The massive amount of human energy and resources that go into social media, time,creativity,energy and money is vastly underutilized and can be used for something much greater. This immense energy put into social media needs to be converted into economic opportunity especially as we move further into age of automation.
Tippers primary aim is to utilise this vast amount of human energy, time and resources to create an ecomic ecosystem where everyone has a monetization opportunity on every level all in one place.


.Saroop Sahi- Co-founder & CEO.Vision development and business strategy of the Tipper Social Economy.

.Roomi Sahi- Co-founder & CTO,Engineering Physics, Computer Engineering (Hardware acceleration), Patented Android OS Hacker, Blockchain Architect.

.Bazid Sahi- Co-founder & CMO Communications Specialist,Published journalist and writer Media Commentator, Software Engineer

.Jamil Ahmed- Software Architect(PhD), System Architect/Team Lead PhD graduate of Computer Science in Programming Language/Compiler, Specialist in Software Security and Software Architecture.

.Mumtaz Ahmad- Senior Developer(PhD),PhD graduate of Computer Science Specialist in Distributed Systems and Machine Learning.

.Mirza Tahir- Technology Advisor(PhD) PhD graduate of Electrical Engineering, carrying out groundbreaking work in 3D machine vision algorithms, Developing algorithms for identity detection.

.Meredith Darden- Advisor Digital Marketing and Community Engagement Specialist, Content creator and curator with entensive experience in the cryptocurrency space.

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