Sunday 18 March 2018


KALI coin isn't produced just for gathering pledges. There's a considerable measure of benefit appended to it for starting financial specialists. When we say benefit, we mean it by giving first inclination in customer service, trading fees, and lot more.
All members won't just appreciate one entire year of the free exchanging period, yet they are additionally qualified for get benefit client benefit, and also their fiat stores and withdrawal will be handled on need, contrasted with regular users.
KALI coin will be used to pair new coins that we list on our exchange, apart from the one mentioned in our White paper. Calculating the current size of entire Cryptocurrency market, and also considering the future size of entire cryptocurrency space, 200 million KALI coins will have a huge scope of adoption. With more adoption, more users will join the exchange and with that said; KALI coin will play a significant role, as all new coins shall be paired with KALI.
In addition, we will be buying back and burn KALI coins every year from our profits. We will reserve 20% of our net profit every year for this purpose.
Our aim is to eliminate the limitations that Indian and international users are facing today while trading in Crypto Currencies.In future, we plan to expand to other countries with similar approach of providing fiat-to-crypto pairs. Unlike other regional exchanges, our core focus will be to give instant deposit and withdrawal facility along with zero downtime. In addition, our international exchanges will also have instant verification option.That mean,users can start trading in their favorite crypto currency within few hours of their registrations.On top of that, having in-house servers will assure that in times of heavy volumes our exchanges do not lag or crash,which may cause people to lose their hard earned money. Our ultimate aim is to build a product that is scalable as well as sustainable.The goal is to make this exchange the first choice for anyone who thinks of trading or investing in Crypto space by offering them fundamentally strong coins along with best exchange features.
We seek to maintain the principle,and anonymity of decentralized technology in holding the intrinsic standards of crypto currencies in high regard. We aim to minimize complexity and build an innovative, easy-to-use, and fool-proof platform for the masses.Specifically, our goals include:
1.Reach out to, and educate people in India,on the subject of crypto currency and Blockchain by exploring different communication opportunities.
2.Launch the largest,easiest,and fastest P2Pexchange platform between fiat currencies and a variety of crypto currencies to the Indian community and later to citizens of other countries.
3.Implement unique technological features and selling points to enable us approach and attract more people to the platform.
4.Our emphasis is to put reliability, monitoring, security, financial stability, payment options, secure wallets, and cross platform trade all into consideration in implementing our unique features
5.Bring new crypto currencies listed in the global market to the Indian community through voting system and monitor their performance so as to maintain the standards of our Platform.
6.Constantly updating our platform using the industry's latest technology and adapting our future goals accordingly.

Our Team

Kunal Barchha -Co-Founder

Kunal is a second generation entrepreneur having business experience of almost a decade. His business experience consists of different sectors including IT, Real-Estate, Infrastructure raw-material production, agriculture, and logistics. He has done MBA in Marketing and is also well experience will digital marketing. He leads the team for strategic business partnerships and also looks after overall part of Kali Coin and CoinRecoil Exchange.

Gopal Modi -Co-Founder and Head of Corporate Communications

Gopal Modi brings with him experience and exposure of working with India’s most respected and reputed corporate in financial services, media and public relations industry for over a decade. He has done MBA in Finance, ICWA – Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India, and CIMA - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He looks after the operations, client engagement of Kali Coin and CoinRecoil Exchange.

Chintan Joshi-IT Infrastructure & Cyber Security Expert

Chintan has been in the IT industry from more than a decade and worked with some of the best IT companies in India. He is experienced in IT hardware and server management of large IT infrastructure. He will be setting up required IT infrastructure for CoinRecoil and actively manage it.

Sagar Vyas-Network Engineer

Sagar is a network engineer with experience of handling large data networks. He also specializes in cyber-security of network. He will be engaged in the maintaining security aspect of the CoinRecoil Exchange.

Misal Bhimani-Back-end developer

Misal has studied his Bachelors of Information Technology from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and he currently has his own development firm. He is well rooted in technologies like C, Java, and SQL. Misal is actively engaged in back-end development of CoinRecoil Exchange.

Vipin Nair-Front-end Developer

Vipin is also a Bachelor in Information Technology with strong command over backend languages. He too is the founder of a development firm and actively works on the front-end and back-end of the CoinRecoil Exchange.

ICO and Token Sale
The price of Kalicoin is too low to make it easy to invest Kalicoin ICO is to support the international Cryptocurrency exchange CoinRecoil, to be launched For ICO participants no transaction fee till 1 year at CoinRecoil exchange Kalicoin is a mine-able coin. Number of coins will be limited and price increase will be steady. This makes it less volatile. Each Year we will buyback Kalicoins from profit as per our internal audit.


Token Distribution
We truly believe in decentralization and for the very same reason, we have developed KALI coin on a public Blockchain. It will be a mineable coin and not an ERC20 token. KALI coin is developed on the Scrypt algorithm which can be upgraded as and when we need to further match with changing dynamics of the Block Chain industry.
The source code of the same shall be published over GitHub for further development with the help of the developer’s community in return for coin incentives.
We have pre-mined 50% of the total supply to fund the project and their allocations are mentioned in White Paper. The remaining 50% can be mined by anyone; we will be releasing mining pool soon.

Be a part of this incredible project.
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