Thursday 26 April 2018


As at 23rd April 2018
Equitybase’s Exchange Program.
Equity Exchange offer investors an innovative standardized way of buying and selling asset holdings on investment made on Equity Invest. Equity Exchange enables fractional trading of real estate asset or real estate fund similar to stock market but without a lock-in period. It will be able to add intrinsic value based upon the performance and demand of each holdings individually. Since, each project or fund value will increase closer to execution date, offering price will be adjusted base on each asset holding accordingly.
As at 24th April 2018
Last Week of Equitybase Sale
Right now, there are only a few securities tokens in the world, because it’s just so hard to launch one. Soon, we expect there will be thousands in existence. But first, a platform needs to emerge that lowers the barriers to launch securities in the same way Ethereum made it easy to launch utility coins.
Equitybase will be unveiling a new fully functioning investment platform where developers and investors can connect.
Only one week left for our ICO sale get 200% bonus your tokens here today.
As at 25th April 2018
Why Tokens Should Be A Security
The ICO community is afraid of being labeled as security tokens, when there is no reason to be. The ultimate goal of the SEC is to protect ordinary investors and prevent them from being taken advantage of by fraudulent entities. Many compliance requirements, such as disclosures and filings, help to clarify token buyers’ expectations and rights. Limiting certain sales to accredited investors and setting investment limits for non-accredited investors help to protect those who cannot afford to lose money on high risk investments.
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