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Votem is presenting VAST, the main token that will empower residents around the globe to effectively vote online with remarkable certainty, openness, security, and straightforwardness. Votem just trusts it ought to be anything but difficult to vote and difficult to swindle. Votem is all about enabling citizens around the world to easily vote online with a level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency that does not exist today.


Votem has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.
  • Pete Martin, CEO
  • Bob Stewart, CTO
  • Dave Wallick, Director of Testing and Certification
  • Srini Kandikattu, VP Engineering
  • Dr. Kun Peng, e-Voting Security Architect

1.Elections are highly regulated In every city, county, state,and country , public elections are governed by a patchwork of legislation that define simple processes from voter identification to how, when, and where elections can be operated.The same is true even for private organizations such as large associations and labor unions.
2.Elections are devoid of global standards Because elections are “local” to a particular jurisdiction,no true global standards for voting exist.This is one of the primary reasons why there is no large truly global player in the market;it’s too difficult to accommodate all of the unique country and local requirements with a single global platform.In an effort to overcome these obstacles to greater adoption of online voting, Votem’s business strategy, in concert with its technical approach is to build a global community of interested parties in acquiring and using our Tokens and to leverage and extend the CastIron Platform.
3.Elections are a mission-critical process With a high penalty for failure,few election-management bodies want to take any risks or try new approaches,including new technologies.In voting,the integrity of the process is inseparable from the result- so any concerns about process inevitably cause hesitations for election management bodies, given that their function is dependent on being seen as running a fair, transparent, and reliable system.
4.Elections are complex Setting up and running a statutory election is significantly more complex than most people think and goes far beyond the basic “one person, one vote” idea at the core of most elections. For instance, in just one election in one county in the US., $42.51mm was spent supporting 4,988 precincts, 4,523 polling places, 306 candidates, 142 offices, 58 local measures, 2 county measures, 17 state measures, and 607 ballot groups. That means the voting platform needs to be able to deliver the precise ballot to each authenticated voter based on their precinct, tabulate the results in the right methodology, and report the results accurately.


1) CastIron Mobile Voting Platform
This is the application layer that gives the Election Administration System (EMS) and related usefulness to bolster online decisions. CastIron is secured through a VAST Token which opens different highlights of the Platform. CastIron is 100% undeniable, blame tolerant, unalterable, auditable.
2) “Proof of Vote” Protocol
This straightforwardly screened convention gives the nitty gritty strategy to directing end-to-end obvious races utilising appropriated record innovation. Votem’s Proof of Vote open protocol, aims to fill in as an outline for VAST empowered voting applications like CastIron that epitomise the fundamental directing rule of undeniable nature, openness, security, and straightforwardness.
3)Vast Token
The Token gives part based access to the CastIron programming platform. The VAST Token, likened to a ceaseless programming permit, is intended to enhance the adequacy of voting occasions for both private and open races by permitting an individual or association secure access to the CastIron platform and its highlights to effectively work decisions.
The VAST Token will give secure and part based access to the accompanying standard highlights on the VAST Platform:
  • Contest (Election) Creation and Set-Up
  • Voter Registration
  • Simple Ballot Creation and Marking
  • Ballot Submission/Validation/Storage
  • Tallying and Results Reporting (with Audit Capabilities)
The venture convention and application keep running on a private blockchain system, with open side-chains for extra check, making auditable vote records that can be approved in genuine time.


  • Token: Votem
  • Abreviation: VAST
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Total supply: 300m VAST
  • 1 Vast = $ 0.5
The program is so organized with competent token sale advisors such as:
Ryan Scott
Serial entrepreneur, humanist and philanthropist. Founding partner and CEO of ICO Advisory Group
Phillip Nunn
Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fintech. Founder/CEO, The Blackmore Group. CEO, Wealth Chain.
Ian Scarffe
Top 3 Blockchain ICO Expert, ICO Bench. A leading influencer in Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto industries

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