Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Plentix is ​​a blockchain-based project that aims to balance the referral economy and spread awards to all participants. Merchants, users, friends, even app developers may receive an award in the form of a discount or a Plentix token. The choice to propose ICO instead of traditional seeds and A series funds through venture capital allows community participation and the opportunity for everyone to reap the benefits of a global referral economy.
A decentralized and distributed Blockchain system — providing businesses and developers with a structure to keep the platform free while, at the same time, allowing a large number of developers to build it. Intelligent contract automation — allows programmers to easily plug and play with supported software, enabling cost reductions with easy scaling and automation capabilities. By using distributed and distributed infrastructure, Plentix provides programmers and businesses with a collection of APIs and open-source features.
About PTN token
 Each platform has its own currency, including Plentix. With PTN as their primary currency, special arrangements have been made to develop this token as well as better future adoption. The developer team has decided that they will release about 100,000,000 PTN, worth about $ 10 million in real money. From fundraising, several distribution schemes have been determined:
  • 30% dedicated to maintenance and product development
  • 25% for business growth and development
  • 15% for marketing and customer development
  • 10% is for backup, especially for the developer team
  • 15% for surgery
  • 5% is for legal issues

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